About Us

XTP Design was formed by Torben Pryning, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995 to design, manufacture and promote ventilation valves which are both functional and attractive.

The company was awarded Denmark's leading industrial design prize in 1998 by the Danish Design Centre which cited the XTP2000 as "both technically and architecturally a much needed renewal of the solution for natural ventilation".

After achieving critical and sales success in Denmark and Greenland, the XTP2000 was introduced to the UK market in 2007, where it generated significant interest.

In 2008 the company was incorporated and manufacturing was moved to new subcontractors.

In 2008/9, the interior design of the XTP2000 was improved, making the product easier to install and improving the smoothness of its operation.

XTP Design has five shareholders who are all closely involved in the running and management of the company.