XTP2000 is a passive (non-motorised) ventilation valve designed for home and work environments.

The valve has a free area of 5000mm2 and is available with a choice of anodised aluminium or copper external parts, complimenting any building design. Other finishes are available on request. Additionally, the valve can be fitted flush with, or extending from, an external wall.

XTP2000 is easy to fit and easy to use.

As standard, the valve is supplied in two 400mm pipe lengths, one of which fits inside the other.

The pipes are cut to length on site. Minimum wall thickness is 150mm. Longer pipes are available on request for walls over 500mm thick.

Opening and closing the valve is simply a matter of moving the inner cap which exposes ventilation slits and allows airflow. Cleaning is achieved by pulling the inner pipe all the way out of the wall.

Storm-proofing and pollen filters can be fitted into the valve quickly and simply without the use of tools.

Already in use in commercial and domestic applications from Nuuk, Greenland, to Twickenham, UK, the XTP2000 is an award-winning, proven, success.

Installation Instructions

XTP2000 flush fitting instructions (pdf file)
XTP2000 extended fitting instructions (pdf file)
XTP2000 datasheet (pdf file)
XTP2000 brochure (pdf file)